About Cast Iron Farm

Cast Iron Farm is a collectively-run permaculture inspired co-operative farm.   We raise pigs, sheep, chickens, and rabbits, and have been enjoying selling pork and plants at the Sooke Country Market for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  For 2019, we may pop in to the Country Market from time to time, but our primary sales are through our Saturday morning farmstand.  Come visit us between 10 and 12 – we’re happy to talk about what we’re doing.

We are three families, all members in a co-op that owns the land and another that manages it. Five adults work both on-farm and off-site to build the farm business, take care of the children, and keep the lights on. We started farming in 2014, dreaming up farm buildings, gardens, and fencing where there was once only fields.

Two co-ops operate on the site of Cast Iron Farm. Quiet Day Land Co-operative is responsible for owning the land and for permanent infrastructure. Cast Iron Farm Co-operative takes care of the daily operation of the farm, and is responsible for temporary infrastructure. Cast Iron is open to new members; if you have an idea for a business that can run onsite and link into existing systems, please contact us.