Introducing.. the CAST IRON MEGAPACK!!

We are trying something new!

We have heard from a number of people that, while they adore being able to order large quantities of locally grown, juicy pork, they would very much like to know how much their order will cost before they commit. I get that! When we sell sides, we can tell you if it will be a smaller side or a larger side, but we can’t tell you exactly how much the side will weigh, and thus how much it will cost. Sides are wonderful, because you get everything cut exactly the way you like it (1 huge ham? four tiny hams? No hams at all, and extra ground? Your choice!), but they come with a certain degree of uncertainty.

With the Cast Iron MEGAPACK, your cost is fixed, and we aim to include about an extra $100 in pork, compared to buying it piece by piece. It’s like a side, but unless you catch us at just the right time in our process, there is much less flexibility in how it is cut. For most people, though, that’s just fine 🙂

Want to save yourself trips to the grocery store? Invest in a MEGAPACK, and enjoy a freezer full of pork!

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