How to feed the people (without making anyone sick?!?)

Hello, lovelies!

We are making a trial opening for free contactless deliveries to our Sooke neighbours, but how does that work? Easy – we take your order, pack it up using gloves, and on the day that we are to deliver you forward us payment through e-transfer. We are happy to deliver within Sooke in our electric vehicle (The Aphid, which is LURID GREEN!)

We currently have eggs, and a wide selection of pork products. Bacon, sausage, ham.. much deliciousness.

Is there any other way we can help feed you? Let us know! The best way to contact us is through facebook and email – our phone is currently experiencing difficulties.

Thanks again (and always) for supporting your local farmers.

2 Replies to “How to feed the people (without making anyone sick?!?)”

  1. Hi there. We are in sunriver. Interested in eggs and bacon if you still have. If so when would be available? Thanks Also how much for ham? Thanks

    1. Hello! We are currently sold out of pork, but expect to have some in late summer. If you’d like to be added to our contact list, please email us at, and I’ll make sure you hear from us then 🙂 We have eggs from time to time, best is to email us or contact on facebook, and if we have extra eggs I’d be happy to reserve them for you. Thanks for supporting local farmers!

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