Farmstand for the summer

We have raspberries, and they’re huge and flavourful. We grow our raspberries on the proceeds of a few years of raising rabbits – I had no idea that rabbit manure made berry bushes grow so tall and lush, but since under brambles is a rabbit’s safe hideaway, I suppose that makes sense!

We’ll have raspberries for sale on Saturday mornings, 9-11, during our summer farmstand. They’ll be here for most of July, but the best ones are always the first few weeks.

We have lots of pork, and are just about to get resupplied with ground pork and ribs (the only things we’re out of). Want a summer ham, to eat cold at a picnic by the beautiful Sooke river? We’ve got you covered!

Farmstand is 9-11, Saturday mornings, and you can always place orders through email at See you on Saturday!