Holiday meals for the creative and ham-strapped

It’s that time of the year, when people want ham, and we have sold it all already. Sorry, folks! We do have apple cider in 5L boxes, which is lovely either mulled and shared, or gifted. Send us an email to <>, and we’ll arrange pickup before Christmas.

I am reminded, though, of the year that my brothers made a Meat Beast out of a roast, some sausages, and possibly some crab legs. It was a monstrosity, and I bring you the story to inspire you to similar heights of creative hilarity.

Take 1 pork roast, and add varying amounts of bacon, back bacon, and sausage to it using toothpicks and creative positioning, to make the beautiful horror of your dreams! Startle your family! Ensure that either you are never allowed make the holiday meal ever again, or that everyone tries to top your efforts for years to come! (we still have roasts, bacon, back bacon, and pork chops, if that brings ideas)

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the exact beast that my brothers made, but here are a few pics I found on the internet for your delight and inspiration. Happy Christmas, all, and please send pics!