Currently Available

Everything is safely frozen, and waiting – please contact with questions, we love that!
Delivery available via electric vehicle on Friday eves in Sooke, Mon eve in Victoria, $50 minimum for delivery.
To order, email Erin at

OR: come to our farmstand! Saturday mornings, 9-11 am, someone will be waiting to show you what’s in the freezer.

Here’s what we’ve currently got:

  • Pork chops
  • Fat for making lard. Want some? I can make you a sweet deal!

If you’d like some Odd Bits (head, tail, organs), let me know and I can make sure we get it the next time we speak with our butcher.

We are taking orders for our next round, available in May, and have room for a couple of larger packages. After the larger orders are filled, I’ll post here about what we have available for individual cuts.

To place an order, email Erin at <>. Payment is accepted via e-transfer or cash.