Pork Price List – Small Orders

Pastured Pork Cuts

Bacon (sliced, 1 lb packages)$17/lb.
Back Bacon (sliced, half-pound packages)$17/lb
Pork Chops (package of 2, 1-2 lbs)$11/lb.
Sausage (1 lb packages)$15/lb.
Spare Ribs$10/lb.
Roast (2-5 lbs)$10/lb.
Bone-in Ham (3-5 lbs, special order for larger)$12/lb.
Loin Roast (2-5 lbs)$10/lb.
Tenderloin (1-2 lbs)$12/lb.
Ground Pork (1 lb packages)$9/lb.
Pork Fat (unrendered)$4/lb.
Hock (brined and smoked, a pound or less)$6/lb.
Fresh trotters$5pkg of 2

If your budget is limited, let us know – sometimes we have pork that is nearing it’s VIHA-required sale date of 6 months frozen (though is still very nice), and are looking to give someone a great deal!