Fill your freezer, save money, eat well!

Breakfast PackBacon or sausage and eggs!$20
($21 value)
Flight of Pig  
(4 lbs)
1 lb each of sausage, bacon,
pork chops, ground
($50 value)
Freezer Pack  
 (12+ lbs)
1 lb bacon
2 lbs sausage
2 lbs pork chops
1 lb ground
4 lbs ribs/roast/ham
1 fresh/smoked hock
(+$120 value)
Family Pack
(26+ lbs)

(with fat for lard, bag of
soup bones)
2 lbs bacon
3 lbs sausage
4 lbs chops
4 lbs ground
12 lbs ribs, roast, ham
2 fresh/smoked hocks
($300 value)
(56+ lbs)

(plus fat for lard, bag of
soup bones)
4 lbs bacon
6 lbs sausage
8 lbs chops
8 lbs ground
26 lbs rib, roast, ham
4 fresh/smoked hocks
($620 value)
Half a Pig!Includes all cutting, wrapping, and smoking,
processed exactly how you like it
(or butcher the side yourself, save $1.25/lb!)
$6.50/lb hanging weight,
approx $550-$750
($150 deposit please)

If you would like to order a side of pork, please fill out and send us the following: Cutlist Form.

Because we only raise pigs in small groups, our timing varies considerably from month to month in terms of when we will have your pork available for pickup. ¬†Thanks for your patience – it’s all in the service of providing you with small-batch, kindly-raised porkers!