Fill your freezer, save money, eat well!

Breakfast PackBacon or sausage and eggs!$20
Flight of Pig  
(4 lbs)
1 lb each of sausage, bacon,
pork chops, ground
Freezer Pack  
 (12+ lbs)
1 lb bacon
2 lbs sausage
2 lbs pork chops
1 lb ground
4 lbs ribs/roast/ham
1 fresh/smoked hock
Family Pack
(26+ lbs)

(with fat for lard, bag of
soup bones)
3 lbs bacon
3 lbs sausage
5 lbs chops
5 lbs ground
12 lbs ribs, roast, ham
2 fresh/smoked hocks
(56+ lbs)

(plus fat for lard, bag of
soup bones)
5 lbs bacon
5 lbs sausage
10 lbs chops
10 lbs ground
26 lbs rib, roast, ham
4 fresh/smoked hocks
Half a Pig!Includes all cutting, wrapping, as you like.
Smoking and sausage at butcher rates.
(or butcher the side yourself, save $1.25/lb!)
$6.50/lb hanging weight,
approx $600-$850
($150 deposit please)

If you would like to order a side of pork, please fill out and send us the following: Cutlist Form.

Because we only raise pigs in small groups, our timing varies considerably from month to month in terms of when we will have your pork available for pickup.  Thanks for your patience – it’s all in the service of providing you with small-batch, kindly-raised porkers!