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We are not currently having farmstand sales, partly due to COVID, and partly due to the fact that you lovely people keep buying all our pork!  We hope to spend the winter making things, and perhaps start a farmstand again in 2021.

We are located at 2385 Phillips Rd, access off Shambrook, in beautiful Sooke, BC.

You can call us at 250-642-5445 – that’s a landline, so texting results in weirdness.

We are also active on Facebook, and it’s really easy to send us a message there.

While we enjoy having visitors, you can appreciate that if we have people dropping in all the time, it is hard to do the actual work of farming.  We have had work parties, classes, and open houses from time to time; if you would like to take a closer look at what we are doing, please watch for when we are hosting an event.