Egg Subscription

We have eggs available twice a week in the spring and summer, and Saturdays only during the winter.  We have a couple of spots we save for standing orders – let us know if you want to be on our waiting list in case one of those opens up.  We sell our eggs for $6.50/doz.

Our chickens are all free-ranging on pasture, with most flocks moved around on pasture so they can spread their lovely fertility all over our fields.  We keep them contained with electric mesh fencing, in mobile coops, so that their fertility stays where it does the most good.  They love new pasture, especially when it’s got some brush, so they can feel like their wild ancestor, the jungle fowl:

We have kept heritage birds, and loved them, but the economics of keeping chickens for eggs have sent us towards the extremely productive hybrid layers.  We usually keep one flock of Americauna and Maran chickens, to give us lovely colourful eggs, but depending on the season we may only have nice brown eggs.  We keep our birds for about three years, and then quickly and gently send them off to the soup pot.  (Soup from older laying chickens is SO GOOD.)