We strive to use the the principles of Permaculture in farming and life.  Permaculture is a design strategy that helps to link elements of a farm together in order to create synergies, where the outputs of one system become the inputs of another.  More up-front design work leads to less work and better outcomes.

We strive to include the three permaculture ethics in all our decisions: care for the earth, care for people, and care for the future. Permaculture inspires us to carefully design many of integration tying each new project into existing systems. We design using inspiration from both existing designs and available materials.

Our inspiration comes from Sepp Holzer, Mark Shepard, Geoff Lawton, Mansuobu Fukuoka, and many other people working on wonderful experimental ecologies out there in the wild world.  Let us know if you have one you’d like to share!

For more information about permaculture:

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