Apple-finished pork, only available in the fall!

If you’re a neighbor, you may have seen our gigantic apple trees. These trees have been here for decades, feeding farmers, then cows, bears, deer, and birds. There are three different varieties: Gloria Mundi (big green), King of Tompkins County (the two on the corner of Phillips and Shambrook), and Wealthy (little red/yellow striped). We harvest as many apples as we can for pressing (juice available at our farmstand, Saturday 9-11), and the rest we feed to our pigs until they’re all gone.

Spring apple flowers

Our pork is not the same as you’d find in the grocery store – there’s more marbling, and a thicker rind of vitamin D-rich fat on the edge. Heritage breeds, a varied diet, fresh pasture, and the Sooke sun&rain work their magic on our pork; our butcher completes it through careful cutting, smoking, and brining. Our pork chops are thick-cut, for juiciness, and our hams usually have a bone inside, so you can finish enjoying your ham by adding the smokey flavoured bone to beans or soup.

But apple-finished pork.. there’s a reason that’s a thing.

Want to try some? We have no sides available right now, but you can order packages for the next few weeks. If we sell out, we’ll close up our farmstand for the winter, but we may have enough to keep going for a little while.