Sunday Market!

We’ll be at the Sooke Indoor Marketplace this Sunday, selling pork and APPLE CIDER!  We only have a limited number of boxes of cider from local, unsprayed, heritage trees, pressed in a foodsafe kitchen by Pressing Matters.  Each box contains 5 litres of juice, and the box is shelf stable (until opened) until the spring.  Once you have opened it, the box will keep nicely for a couple of weeks in your fridge.  It is full of flavour, and makes excellent mulled cider.

AND WE HAVE PORK!  All cuts currently available.  We (may) have space for one last family pack before we close large orders for a few months while our little piggies grow up.  Let me know ASAP if you are interested.

For more information about the market, check out their facebook page: <>