Sausage Party!

Hello, beautiful people!

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We have SOMETHING NEW!  We are having Edward at Black Market Meats make some sausage and bacon for us.  He does small-batch, artisanal sausage, and was completely aghast at the thought of it when we asked him if he uses pre-made spice mixes.

We will have Edward’s sausages and bacon for sale within the next few weeks, and will be selling them at our regular sausage price ($12/lb).  For people that love sausages, and want to try them all, we have a Sausage Party Pack: 3 flavours of Cast Iron sausage for $30.

Let us know how we can help you get happy pork into happy bellies.  We are available on facebook, phone (250-642-5445), or email (name of farm + sooke at gmail).

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